This season it seems like navy is the new black, not only is it the colour of choice as we’ve seen all over the runway, but it also carries the same sense of elegance and sophistication as the colour black. Navy is a very strong colour carrying the symbolism of confidence, power, stability and conservatism. To me the best way of conveying this symbolism is by wearing the colour from head-to-toe for that impact statement.





Today I’m wearing a navy two piece skit set with mesh details, which I particularly love because it adds an element of edge and youthfulness to a rather formal outfit. The detailing, texture and quality of the fabric overall makes it a uniquely, fascinating two piece which sets it apart from the rest. Because navy is such a dark and intense colour I’ve added touches of white as seen by my accessories to add a feeling and element of purity, refreshment and completion.


This lovely two piece is available at La Manche boutique which is located in 9 Dover street, Randburg. For further enquiries please click on the link Here and pop them an email.



Two piece skirt set // La Manche Boutique

Coat // Zara

Heels // Zoom

Bag // Forever new




Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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