258Finally the perfect pair of jeans to achieve my denim on denim look.

Salsa is a clothing brand which was founded in Portugal in 1994. They design, produce and sell products ranging from skirts to jeans. Today I want to focus on their MORPHO Collection – Jeans designed to enhance your body.

Salsa aims to create jeans that fit the body as a second skin and highlight the best features of every woman. Salsa’s innovation process has led the brand to create six revolutionary products that not only fit, but most importantly enhance the female silhouette. These include:

PUSH-UP – Wonder // Is the number one push-up jeans in the market with ultimate push-up effect, powered by the design of back pockets.

PUSH-IN – Secret // Salsa’s best kept secret, these jeans are the most comfortable and flattering high-waist jeans. It has a tummy-tuck effect which is subtle and effective with a light push-up effect.

SCULPTURE //  Like a modern art sculpture – the jeans sculpting and slimming design defines the waist and elongates the legs.

SHAPE-UP // These jeans have a higher waist at the back to provide maximum comfort in low-rise jeans.

MYSTERY // A Salsa innovation fit that literally create curves. The secret lies in the insertion of two internal pads on the bottom that add volume in the right place, for the perfect visual effect, but are undetectable to the naked eye.



The Body Collection offers jeans that will fit different body shapes flawlessly, and will make women feel self-confident, sensual and comfortable.

CLASSY – SLIM VERY LOW // Is the must-have slim fit with its traditional five-ppocket cut allows you to create different looks.

FLOW – SLIM FLARE // This timeless flare cut with low-rise was improved by slimming the fit at the thigh down to the knees providing a contemporary and elegant look.



These are the jeans I’m wearing today which absolutely give a new meaning to the word comfort.

The fit has been developed in special denim to fit truly as a second skin. These versatile jeans suit different body shapes and give the low-rise jean look, but are extremely comfortable and adapt better because of its medium rise.

Because of my body shape – having a tiny waist and little booty I’ve always found it difficult to find a perfecting fitting jeans to suit my body shape, particularly a pair of jeans that does not gape at the back.

Heaven knows this has been a life long struggle but thank my lucky stars finally a pair of jeans that are perfect fitting, comfortable and does not gape at the back. Thanks to Salsa I’m in heaven – jean heaven.

265Good news everyone…Portuguese denim brand Salsa is now in South Africa, exclusively available at Edgars Sandton, Fourways, Canal Walk and Gateway. This year the brand will start launching at 20 more Edgars stores across the country as well as opening its own standalone flagship stores.


Denim shirt // Woolworths

Jeans // Salsa

Heels // Zoom footwear

Bag // Gift from Mom





Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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