image001005I was recently given the opportunity to partake in Legit Fashion’s #Legitlovesdenim DIY challenge to re-design a pair of basic blue jeans into this season’s ripped denim trend.

012Legit sent over a DIY kit with all the necessary tools for creating a pair of distressed denims. I must say this kit is absolutely amazing and so adorable, I’m definitely going to keep it around for years to come. I’ve actually been inspired to DIY a few of my other pairs of jeans, thanks to this amazing kit.


014Above are the main tools I used to create my extreme distressed look.

1. Magazine – which I used to put into each pipe to avoid cutting through to the back-end of my jeans.

2. Razor blade (box) cutter.

3. Sand paper block.

4. Marker.

5. tweezers.


Step 1:

I drew lines using my marker on the places where I wanted the rips to be.  When drawing your lines make sure they are parallel lines about an inch or two away from each other.

Step 2:

I started with the right leg of the jean by placing a magazine into the pipe, then used my razor blade (box) cutter to cut on the marked lines. Do the same on the left leg.

Step 3:

I then started pulling away at the vertical threads between the cuts I’ve made using my tweezers. In my case I was pulling the blue threads but depending on the type of jean colour you have the threads would be a different colour. I continued ripping until I reached the end of my cuts and have achieved my desired look.

Step 4:

Once done I started pinching at the raw edges of the cuts then used my sand paper block to fray the edges to give it that more worn out look. I then gave my jeans a really good sake to get rid of loose threads then through them into the wash, doing this gives it that more worn out, distressed look.

010Today I decided to go for a more casual-chic with a little edge look, thanks to my awesome distressed jeans. I decided to stick to the colour theme as seen in the Legitlovesdenim logo which consists of a combination of pink, blue, black and white.


025I would like to take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is my Blackcherry mini neon pink trapeze tote, I mean it’s the most beautiful, sweet, pretty, not to mention bold¬† thing I’ve ever seen. This bag is absolutely perfect for adding a little brightness to winter and of course the absolutely perfect summer colour.


035Jeans // Legit Fashion

Vest // Legit Fashion

Bag // Blackcherry bag

Coat // Topshop

Sunglasses // Topshop





Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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