IMG_2919So today I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and wear something I’ve never worn before, but have always admired, sequins. I’ve always admired sequins from a far and thought it was really pretty, but it just wasn’t me. When I spotted this top after walking into La Manche boutique I was completely taken, I knew right then that this would be the item to break my sequins virginity.IMG_2961I love the fact that it is not a in your face sequins, because I for one do not want to look like a disco ball or look like I stepped right out of Saturday Night Fever. This top has just the right amount of drama to add a little sparkle and glamour to your day-to-day ensemble. I particularly love the fact that it can easily be transitioned from a day-to-night. IMG_2916IMG_2949IMG_2951IMG_2966IMG_2968IMG_2964Top // La Manche

Pant // Woolworths

Heels // Steve Madden

Earrings // Flea market

Choker // River Island IMG_2970


Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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