Hi everyone! I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I have just joined the The Stylista family as one of their brand ambassadors. I’m so excited to be apart of The Stylista family, I love everything they stand for and believe that their the perfect alignment for the Newhipster brand.

STYLISTA is an online community that offers fashion inspiration from real street style lovers around South Africa. Stylista offers South Africans something different in the online social media space, it is the first online fashion platform that focuses on the street style community and the brands they wear. Authentic people are encouraged to showcase the brands that they love to wear through their own personal style. Giving them the opportunity to gain their own fashion following by reaching a large influential audience of tastemakers unseen by any other site, blog or magazine.

Stylista aims to bring the fashion industry together under one platform to share in each others creations. They aim to maximize interaction between style creators and brands.

The Stylista has just relaunched their new and improved website, check it out here. The website is really amazing and so easy to navigate, there you will find all the information you need on how to become a member. I would love for you guys to become a Stylista member and share you amazing style with me and many other stylistas. Follow me Newhipsterstyle and I’ll be sure to follow back, also keep a look out for my style-tips and more.

You can now also upload and share your style anytime, anywhere with The Stylista by downloading their mobile app available on the App store and Google play.

P.S once you’ve signed up on Stylista and followed me let me know by commenting below and I’ll follow back and give you a shout out. 




Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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