Skip3On the 13 August 2015 I attended my second Skip Fashion Exchange, which took place at Shine Studios in Braamfontein – Johannesburg. And, boy did it meet my every expectation. It was just as fabulous as my first experience. It was held at a great location, there was delicious food and drinks, fashionable peeps and not to mention the incredible entertainment. Skip4 Upon arrival attendees were seated to begin their fashion exchange experience.unnamed Thereafter we proceeded upstairs to mingle and shop from the various boutiques that were available on display, as we patiently waited for the fashion show to begin.skip 1 The minute the curtain opened we all rushed in to ensure a front row seat, as none of us wanted to miss out on that front row experience of the #MyFabulous runway show.Skip5 The fabulous Pabi Moloi was our MC of the night.

The moment had finally arrived after three months of creating and sharing virtual mood boards, which were interpreted into three unique collections true to each city. It was finally time to reveal the #MyFabulous collections.

And here they are..


#MyFabulousCPT – Jenevieve Lyons


#MyFabulousDBN – Sibu Msimang


#MyFabulousJHB – Rich Mnisi

I would like to share a few images of the #MyFabulousJHB range from the runway and the designer’s (Rich Mnisi) thoughts on his #MyFabulous experience.

15_Skip_SDR_0431_RichMnisi_w387_h58015_Skip_SDR_0391_RichMnisi_w387_h58015_Skip_SDR_0478_RichMnisi_w387_h580Drawing inspiration from Instagram was a challenge. You need to see the images through the eyes of the contributor, and try to understand their creative process. I placed the images in single themes as people were posting photos of similar buildings and spaces and the differences were coming through in how they interpreted the beauty. The angles and the final edits varied yet the structure was repeated on the feed, so the concept of unique and individual interpretation is what appeared as most frequent, and so it became the theme.”

The result is a collection for confident and romantic women. There are structured lines, blue and white hues and a different take on denim. It feels urban and edgy. “It’s a range open to interpretation thus it’s aesthetic or the way it is presented does not determine anything for the wearer.” – Rich Mnisi15_Skip_SDR_0413_RichMnisi_w386_h58015_Skip_SDR_0401_RichMnisi_w387_h58015_Skip_SDR_0369_RichMnisi_w387_h58015_Skip_SDR_0357_RichMnisi_w387_h58015_Skip_SDR_0347_RichMnisi_w387_h58015_Skip_SDR_0539_RichMnisi_w580_h387Rich Mnisi

Image Source: SDR Photo

Three contributors in each of the cities will win their respective designers range, and attendees at the Skip Fashion Exchange, had an opportunity to exchange several items of the #MyFabulous designer pieces on the night.skip2Follow @SkipSouthAfrica and check in with @SibuMsimang, @Rich_Mnisi, and @Jenevieve_Lyons on Instagram to follow the career of these designers. For updates on Skip, you can also visit the Facebook page or Twitter account.skip7With my gorgeous friend Palesa Mahlaba and the amazing Sandi Mazibuko of Fabro Sandz.




Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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