Punk was born from a spirit of rebellion against the mainstream, a desire to make a statement about individual freedom. It was an attitude of doing things your own way instead of blindly accepting the status quo. Studs, pins, zippers, piercings and mohawks gave visual expression to this idea and became symbols of individuality. But who says non-conformity can only come in black, silver and spikes? What if your version of a punk statement comes accented with pearls or wrapped in pink velvet? Why can’t rebellion also be sweet, soft, innocent, elegant or whatever else you want it to be? Welcome to Punk 2.0, individuality in the era of the mashup. Today, nonconformity is less about wearing the right statement piece as it’s about blending pieces into new, unique combinations. Originality is a remix and cachet comes from the way you juxtapose elements.

This September, SunglassHut will align with this modern reinterpretation of punk with the trend “Punk Avantgarde.” Punk Avantgarde brings the original spirit of punk to life in a fresh, modern way with contrasting elements, blending angsty with elegant, cheap with sophisticated, soft with spiky. As the world’s most inspirational brand for trend-right sunnies, SunglassHut will become the season’s top destination for FFF/Ms everywhere to leave their mark with a unique style statement. Just as sunglasses put an exclamation mark on one’s personal style, a little punk attitude can “punk up” even the most ordinary day. “PUNK IT UP!”IMG_2440This is where The Duo Desk comes in. Palesa Mahlaba and I AKA The Duo Desk, together with SunglassHut will be giving a trend talk on the Punk Avantgarde trend. Where we’ll be sharing our tips on how we, as well as you, can bring this trend to life through fashion. IMG_2195The Johannesburg trend talk will take place at SunglassHut, Melrose Arch on the 18 September at 3:30pm.

The Cape Town event will take place at SunglassHut, V&A Waterfront on the 21 September at 2:30pm.

If you’d like to join us at these events, here’s how you can secure your seat:

Follow @SunglassHutSA on Twitter,

Tweet with the hashtag #PunkItUpSA and tell us why you need to attend. 20 fashion forward females and boys stand a chance to win the seat for this bespoke style discussion meet The Duo Desk and get a R800 shopping voucher to spend on the day. IMG_2154Look 1:

Jumpsuits / Legit Fashion

Boots / Europa Art Shoes

Bags / Mimco

Earrings & Arm Cuffs / Mimco

Sunglasses / MiuMiu – SunglassHut

Look 2:

Dresses / Mr Price

Jeans / Mr Price

Lace up boots / Castello 

Sunglasses / MiuMiu – SunglassHut




Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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