IMG_6480Where do I even begin! 2015 was undoubtedly an incredible year. There were highs and a few lows, but I have to say that the highs definitely outweigh the lows. Career-wise 2015 was a great year – it was filled with learning, laying of foundations and establishing relationships. This year I look forward to continue on growing The Duo Desk business and brand alongside partner-in-crime – Palesa Mahlaba. So, keep a look out as we team up with more amazing brands to bring you fresh, unique and original content true to The Duo Desk brand. IMG_6486IMG_6484IMG_6487This year I’ll be embarking on somewhat of a personal journey. One filled with self-acceptance through embracing the qualities that make me uniquely me. I’ve recently celebrated my birthday with the realisation that, I’m only getting older and that I can’t waste another day trying to be or look like something I’m not. Being in the industry that I’m in,  it’s so easy to fall prey to what is perceived as being beautiful and feeling a strong desire to emulate. Every now and again we tend to forget that it is our unique qualities and originality that has brought us to where we are; or will inevitably take us to where we’re going – whether it be in our personal lives or careers. It’s honestly tiring trying to keep up with societies standards. For those of you who have been following me for a while now, know that I don’t always follow the rules. I love experimenting and trying out different looks, whether it be through beauty or fashion. I will definitely be continuing on this road, because it is essentially the cornerstone and essence of Newhipster. But, this year I would like to embark on a natural journey, one where I embrace the natural me from head-to-toe. And, would love nothing more than to share this journey with you. 

IMG_6468In the spirit of self-acceptance and being completely vulnerable – while on holiday I decided to shoot a swimwear editorial that took me completely out of my comfort zone. To me, this shoot is symbolic of letting go and setting myself free from the chains of insecurities that were holding me down. This is me embracing everything that makes me – Crystal and the Newhipster. 

IMG_6466IMG_6464IMG_6469IMG_6490IMG_6492IMG_6488IMG_6491Look 1:

Orange swimsuit / Topshop

Earrings / Lovisa

Sunglasses / Ray Ban – SunglassHut

sneakers / Adidas

Look 2:

Lace dress / H&M

Earrings / H&M

White bikini / Topshop

Look 3:

Blue swimsuit / Topshop

Earrings / Pichulik

Sunglasses / GiftIMG_6481xx



Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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