IMG_5383There’s something about sweater weather that makes you want to stay in all day and catch up on some series. However, as good as that sounds, why would you want to stay indoors when you’ve got an insane new wardrobe to wear out. So as summer fades faster than a February sun tan, it’s time to look forward and get inspired by the season to come. Let’s heat things up with MRP and their freshest Autumn arrivals.IMG_5446 2I’ve put together a few looks to highlight the key pieces you and I definitely can’t live without this season. The key trend to fall for this Autumn is layering. Before Winter sweeps in and brings the chill, start building a wardrobe of light layers that will keep you warm and fresh. Think monochromatic faux fur gilets and fluffy cardigans.IMG_5305The 70s was and is undoubtedly one of my favourite fashion eras. And, thanks to MRP’s key pieces such as the fur gilet, halter neck chevron dress and flop hat as seen above, you’ll be channeling your inner groovy babe in no time. I was definitely channeling my inner Vanessa Kensington with a splash of hot sauce inspired by Foxxy Cleopatra from the Austin Powers movies. IMG_5439IMG_6944IMG_5266IMG_4390Another major trend to look out for this Autumn is the Victorian Style trend. Think lace, high-neck ruffled blouses, velvet and chiffon. There’s something very dark, romantic and demure about the trend. This is definitely one trend I’ll be embracing this season. IMG_4413IMG_7003IMG_7035To avoid looking like you’ve stepped out of Queen Victoria’s closet, I’ll suggest sticking to one distinct piece and keeping the rest of your look streamlined and modern. Instead of going for a head-to-toe Victorian inspired look, I decided to juxtapose 70s, Western and Victorian to create a signature Newhipster look. IMG_7009IMG_7026IMG_6973IMG_7037Discover the full range of Autumn’s freshest for yourself now at or your nearest MRP store.

Check out the MRP lookbook here featuring their latest key styles for the season.



Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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