©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-2-2Another year, another fashion week done and dusted #DuoDeskStyle. I’m starting to get the feeling that there is no fashion week without The Duo Desk – just kidding! All jokes aside, fashion week has definitely become one of our main platforms to best showcase our unique twinning style through our various collaborations with designers and brands. This year we were fortunate enough to be dressed by one of our favourite brands for SA Fashion Week – Witchery. We chose to highlight a few of their statement AW16 pieces as seen in our SA Fashion Week style diary below.©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-3-2To kick off SA Fashion Week we opted for a very bohemian inspired look featuring this beautiful printed maxi dress from Witchery. To complete our look we wore the Imogen boot from Witchery rolled up to create a sexy yet sophisticated thigh-high, because we’re such rebels. We absolutely love the Imogen boot, it’s one of those staples that should be apart of every woman’s AW wardrobe. Thanks to the versatility, comfort and sheer sophistication of the Imogen, it became our shoe of choice for the duration of fashion week. ©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-9-3©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-18-2For our second look, which we wore for Day 3 of SA Fashion Week. We gravitated toward a more 70s inspired look featuring this season’s must-have pieces – the turtleneck and A-line skirt. ©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-4-1I love how Palesa and I embraced our individual personalities/styles through our subtle difference in styling. As seen by Palesa’s addition of her amazing belt and fishnets and my adorable little beret –  (I’m currently obsessed with berets).©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-51©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-20-2©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-6-1For our third look and Day 4 of SA Fashion Week we were clearly channeling our inner Jarheads with our military inspired look. For this look we kept it pretty simple by opting for yet another one of this season’s key pieces – a lightweight trench. We added a whole lot of drama to our look by accessorizing with a black fur stole from Witchery. ©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-19-1©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-8-1©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-41-1©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-5For our last look and last day of SA Fashion Week, we went for a more relaxed, comfortable look after a long week of running around in heels. This is undoubtedly one of our favourite looks. We absolutely love the cleanliness and minimalism of the look, making it the perfect Saturday ensemble. And, the perfect look to end off our fashion week journey. ©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-12The hero and key piece of this look is undoubtedly the fold over knit from Witchery. Being that off-the-shoulder silhouettes are a major trend for 2016; this knit is a great way for you to stay on trend, show a little skin, and keep it warm and cosy this Winter. ©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-66©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-15©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-59©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-9All items are available at Witchery from select Woolworths stores.




@accordingtojerri©Jerri Mokgofe Photography-8#DuoDeskStyle


Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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