Today I would like to introduce to you, a new brand of eye-wear called The Rudigan Collective.


It is a collective of creative ideas among creative collaborators, offering avant-garde street style for style curators, inspired by the uncommon. This artistic product consists of a variety of handmade wooden framed sunglasses, inspired by the abundant woods of Slovak.

The faces behind this brain-child are Siyanda Rudnansky and Sarah Heaton. The name Rudigan is derived from the last name of Siyanda Rudnansky, which is of Slavic origins. This is where the inspiration for the rawness of the sunglasses comes from, – the abundant woods of the lush Slovak landscape to the traditional Slavic Koliba style architecture.

The curator Siyanda Rudnansky first came across the wooden sunglass concept in 2009 on – it was in 2011 that she started seeing the concept being taken commercially by a Californian carpenter. As the year went on it became clear that wooden accessories and not just sunglasses were the future.







The Rudigan Collective Sunglasses are handmade from raw unprocessed wood, specifically harvested for the purposes of manufacturing. TRC (The Rudigan Collective) are highly involved with the design and manufacturing process, ensuring every small detail is right, and that the quality is not compromised.

A pair of TRC woodsies sets you back a R1000 and can currently be pre-ordered from Sarah Heaton on:

The Rudigan Collective philosophy is to always give back what we take out of the environment and to be kind to nature at all times. This is why with each 100 pairs sold, a tree will be planted in local townships of areas where their customer base would be.

This is truly an artistic, creative and inspiring initiative. I am really thrilled to share this brand with you, and hope you are just as inspired to own a pair of innovative eye-wear.  For more  updates on the product, follow Sarah Heaton on twitter  here  and Siyanda Rudnansky on twitter here



Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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