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This morning as hubby and I were on our way to work at around 7:30 am, the road ahead was brightly lit with the beautiful rays of the morning sun. I decided to take advantage of the amazing light and stopped by the side of the road to take a few pictures of my outfit-of-the-day AKA ootd. Naturally since I did not have my camera on hand we took a few pictures using my iPhone 5. After our little photo session I was completely impressed and excited by the amazing quality of my pictures, there was absolutely no need for any filtering, more specifically I really loved¬† the way the light bounced off my skin creating a really warm caramel colour.¬† I’m no boffin when it comes to photography but all I wanted to highlight today was the amazing quality of iPhone 5 photography.

photo 4.JPG4

photo 3.JPG3

photo 2.JPG2

Leather pants // Topshop

Top // Cotton on

Boots // Aldo

Bag // Topshop

Audrey Hepburn pendant necklace // Gift from a friend

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Hello there, my name is Crystal Kasper, My definition of a New Hipster is one who embraces the life, love, and happiness that fashion brings with a modern twist!!

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